Laura Marek

Laura Marek

I am an art educator with many years of experience facilitating people of all ages in their journeys to express themselves visually, demonstrating how to use the tools and techniques of making art so they can release their creativity, regardless of their perceived level of talent. I believe that creative expression is very personal and needs only to benefit the creator - if Someone Else likes the outcome, so much the better - but it's the process of creating art that is of the utmost importance.

While I was a student pursuing my Art Education degree 20 years ago I saw that there are many remote communities in northern Arizona - small towns scattered over great distances throughout the entire area - and most of the residents cannot afford art lessons and art materials even if they were locally available. So I thought, What if there was a way to bring art to people in need the same way that books are brought to those who cannot come to the library? Like a book mobile but for sharing art!

I had no clue how to fund such an idea so I put it on the back burner of my mind, got my teaching certificate and became a public school art teacher. Now that I am semi-retired, the time is ripe for making my dream of bringing art to everyone, everywhere a reality.

Artistic Aura is an interactive art experience based in Page, Arizona, on the edge of the Navajo Nation. The Traveling Art Studio provides free art supplies and guided art experiences in an all-inclusive, non-threatening atmosphere to anyone who wants to enrich their lives through creativity, regardless of their ability to pay. In addition, Artistic Aura offers participants the opportunity to display their finished works of art on our website's Online Gallery. The goal is not to seek approval from others, but to encourage an appreciation of their ability to express themselves creatively.

I'm donating all proceeds of my ArtPal Gallery to Artistic Aura. Your purchase of my artwork - originals, prints, and mugs - will bring art materials and art education to countless men, women, and children for many years to come! Please visit often - participants of Artistic Aura's Traveling Art Studio will post their work here as well, to pay it forward by contributing the proceeds generated by your purchase of their reproduced art to Artistic Aura. (Purchase of their original art will directly benefit the participating artist.)

For more information about Artistic Aura, please visit my website at THANK YOU!!!