Battle Art

Battle Art

LoVanté Battle is an African-American Artist and Art Teacher based out of Hampton, Virginia.

As a little boy he grew up learning art from his older brother Torenzo Blair. While in elementary school he was selected to attend a two-year special art program for the gifted students known as Excel Art. During middle and high school he was selected to the advanced art class without any previous art classes.

In 2013 LoVanté earned his Bachelors degree in Studio Arts with a concentration in Sculpture from the University of Virginia. During his years at the university, he played on the special teams for the Virginia Cavaliers on a four-year scholarship.

After college he teamed up with Newport News' Councilwomen Tina Vick at her book-signing event, where he set up his first art show. He and a former UVA Classmate gathered several local artists from Hampton, which proved to be a huge success.

Currently he teaches as an art teacher and coaches football at his former high school. On his down time he continues his art career by creating a minimum of one piece a week.

LoVanté’s future plans consist of having several art shows to promote his talents and opening his very own art studio. Through his creativity of original oil paintings, sketching’s and sculptures; his passion is to introduce art into the minds of his community to positively impact those around him.