Pink sky

Pink sky

I am Laila Maria Mæland.
I am 39 years old,and I live the windy and rainy westcoast of Norway,with my husband and two daughters.
I have been drawing and painting from early age, and have an education in art and Illustration from Bergen. I have been working a bit as a freelance illustrator,but my best work is made when i can be free from customer requirements ,and deadlines.
I sell artwork locally beside my day job ,but i hope i can stretch further out to more people,and maybe make it more than a hobby.

I am best in drawing with pencil and ink,and watercolor. I draw and paint just about anything.
I also do big acrylics.
In the last 5 years i have discovered a whole new world of possibilities in digital tools. I can mix and put together my paintings and drawings in endless and exiting ways,and get a whole new expression that was impossible for me before.

I hope you like what i have to show.


Fashion illustration