Lady Luna Star

Lady Luna Star

Hello there! My name is Lady Luna Star and I am an intuitive painter! I call my art Intuitive Surrealism. Most of my themes are focused around Spirituality, magic, and other worldly concepts. I often only paint concepts and ideas that come to me in the moment. I also mix some runic divination into my artwork. Every piece feels so different because each one has a different message and story to share.

Intuitive Art Reading, Energy Portrait, Spirit Guide Art, Psychic Painting, Soul Painting and Spiritual Energy Art.

You may ask for commissions through my website:
or my email!

I hope you enjoy my work!

I have many themes focused specifically on:

Art themes include

Other Dimensions
Energy Translation
Galactic Family
Astral Plane
Spirit Guides
Other Dimensional Beings
Past Lives
Shamanic Journeying
Meditative Art
Light Language
Runic Divination
Timeline Jumping
Quantum Fields
Soul Truths
Energy of loved ones who have passed on
Shared Energy fields in a relationship
Soul Contracts
Akashic Records
Inner child
Sacred Geometry

Simply put, I take the energy you're looking for and translate it into artwork. Many use my art as divination, meditation, and self reflection tools.

Have another Energy or theme your looking for? I also accept commissions! Contact me on my website and we will see what we can come up with together.
I'm literally doing what I love doing. ❤️ it's not just a hobby, it's my calling. Thank you for giving me your time and hopefully a chance to serve you!




And many more! Just Google Lady Luna Star!


I also offer artwork commissions, energywork services, as well as tarot, oracle and energy readings on my website.

Commissions/Astral bodies and Energy

Fairies and Fae

Lady Luna Star - Visionary Artist

Soulmates and Soul Family

Ancestors, Spirits and Loved Ones


Galactic Energy


Energy Work

Magical Earth

Traditional Paintings

Oil Paintings