Lucia Amitra

Lucia Amitra

There is a juxtaposition with the artwork and the paintings themselves which reveals the beauty in the elements of our everyday lives and natural world around us.

I find inspiration in unexpected places and ordinary objects ā€“ a solitary boat dragged up on a rugged beach, a shaft of sunlight across a frozen lake ā€“ and Iā€™m interested in how an awkward, almost naive portrayal of these moments can evoke such deep and personal memories and emotions. I delight in capture these hidden beauty and fleeting moments of everyday life, threads of gossamer variety delicately join to add hues unanticipated into my paintings.

I think life is about what we choose to allow and include into it along the way and my intention to live consistently with my longing is brought to the canvas in each step of the process.

My brush strokes are applied with lyrical flourish, and each of my painting is much akin to the unfolding of a story as it weaves into an orchestra of color and texture, displaying a vivid, enveloping energy which becomes a rich tapestry.

For it is in the blossoming and revealing of each of our stories that our journeys ultimately unveil who we essentially are.

It is with that desire in place that my work embodies the joy of living. I invite you to join me for a stroll and share in my paintings.

Sailing Yachts