L Stephen Allen


I have a certain goal and purpose in the making of art these days: I could say I have a definate mission. I had to step away from doing artwork for a long while (for some years). And one of the reasons that I turned away from doing artwork was that I didn't have a sure grip on the understanding of what was the true purpose, for me, in creating art.
So in returning I determined that I could and should commit the artwork that I create to this one certain purpose; which is to extol the one true creator. But first I had to consider the question that I had in my mind, which was- 'Is it really even possible, for me, to glorify God, the one true creator of everything, through the art that I create. If it is possible for me to make known or to show forth, through art, something concerning the glory of God; that will be my purpose and my direction.
Back when I had a studio in New Jersey, I took part in a group exhibition in a New York gallery in the Soho area of New York. And, the artist's statement that I gave with that exhibit said something like- 'creating art, to me, is a spiritually gratifying experience.' So, I must have been leaning toward the same direction that I am in now. One of the paintings I had on exhibit had the 'prophetic' title - To Return/Destiny