Based in the UK, with inspirations influenced by the beautiful coastline, countryside, lakes and mountains that the UK offers. Whilst having a passion for capturing landscapes, Lisa combines this with a love for animals, often showcasing both within one exquisite piece.

As a passionate artist that is fuelled by breaking from the norm, you can often find that Lisa's work manifests onto many different platforms and combines multiple techniques that best interpret the essence of the subject, to show it in its full glory.

Having a solid foundation in producing unique paintings, using varying techniques and styles on traditional surfaces such as canvas and paper. This foundation has developed, enabling the ability to capture and interpret pieces of artwork upon many different surfaces.

This is beautifully demonstrated and gives a personal twist with unique hand-painted artwork upon metal surfaces, such as custom motorbike artwork. Lisa's special artists eye has also been used to create outdoor artwork to compliment and when needed, to enhance gardens and open spaces.

Commissioned Art Pieces