L&M Designs

L&M Designs


L&M Designs consists of an unconventional duo of artists and writers whose work can be seen in their self-published children's books through Barnes & Noble which include Josh's Epic Country Adventures, Little Ghoulie's Ghostly Tales, The Alien that Came to Earth, The Groundskeeper of Strange Town, and My Name is Teddy Bear. They've also self-published a novella What Goes Unseen (under the name Aron F. Carro) and a witch mystery Demons in the Details (under the name Briar King). Their design work can be found at their L-MDesigns store on Redbubble and in their photo books through Barnes & Noble (Country Summer and Ode to a Southern Summer). They also run a series of blogs: Writer's Shelf, Infinity Sisters Reviews, A Cup of Tea & a Hot Read, LM Book Club, and L&M Designs. Their FB pages are LM Stories, L&M Designs, and Lime Productions. Their Instagram is lmstories93. Some of their photography can be found on ViewBug under elizabethkonkel.


Day at the Beach

Winter Wonderland