'Artists Aflame' Family Gallery

'Artists Aflame' Family Gallery


Peter and Kathy Groen are members of the Lake Marion Artisans in Summerton, S.C. Kathy primarily works on acrylic paintings, though she has many other private artworks in a variety of mediums that she has worked on over the past several decades, e.g. watercolor, oil, ... Peter is a budding photographer focused primarily on photos of Lake Marion and Pawleys Island in South Carolina. They also both display artworks of Hawaii and the Caribbean where they vacation every year during the winter months.

Other members of the family will be adding their works of art to the gallery over the coming months and years. For example, Jenny Dom has just started to add her paintings to the site. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Carolina. She is also a long time professional graphic artist. Her husband Jason has a Masters degree and he has been perfecting his talents as a dedicated amateur photographer for many years. Other family members will also be posting their artworks online shortly. You can visit our Family of 'Artists Aflame' web site at http://artaflame.com

The Lake Marion Artisans (LMA) are based in the historic downtown district of Summerton, South Carolina. They are committed to enriching the local communities surrounding beautiful Lake Marion through the arts. As such, they promote and showcase everything from unique crafts to fine arts, all of which are creations of local artisans. A number of them have started posting their galleries on ArtPal.com as part of an effort by the Lake Marion Artisans to gain recognition, expand sales, and 'Go Global'. For more details, visit their web site at http://LakeMarionArtisans.com

Kathy Groen - Paintings

Peter Groen - Photography

Jenny Dom - Paintings

Jason Dom - Photography

Michael Nasuti - Paintings