The paintings you are about to see are an uncommon combination of techniques and materials. When people see my work in a public setting it is often regarded with curiosity, for it is unexpected and surprising to some, to see the results I achieve through my medium. I hope you also enjoy what you see and understand that you too, can own an original piece to incorporate into the story of your home.

Read on for a little bit about me....

I am a self taught artist, born and raised in the peculiar state of Florida. I was introduced to my favored medium in the late 1990's and have been creating with it since. Although I explore making art in many mediums, the one I enjoy the most is created on silk textiles in the French Serti technique, and more often than not, it is wax batik-ed. Thematically the concentration of my work is whimsical images with narrative themes, often with an element of surrealism. Sometimes my work picks up elements of literature and occasionally the colorful cultures of weird Florida! I enjoy meshing illustrative drawing techniques with silk painting. The results are often unique and something you do not see every day.

Recently I was honored with an award by the Women in the Arts, Orlando organization, and another piece was chosen for a “People's Choice” award, in May, for the Sanford Art Walk. I have been enjoying having work selected to hang in a wide variety of Central Florida venues and shows as of late, and have been reacquainting myself with the vibrant local art scene.

-Leslie Koren MacMillan

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