Kucheryavyy Viktor

Kucheryavyy Viktor


My name is Viktor Kucheryavyy, and I’m a Ukrainian painter. My foray into fine art started rather spontaneously. Though I've been curious about trying my hand at painting since childhood, it wasn't until the age of 35 that I finally decided to give it a try. One December morning 10 years ago, I was walking by an art supplies store and felt the urge to come in. I bought my first canvas and paints then and there. At that point of time, I was a family man and a fairly successful businessman with no art training whatsoever (my education was in engineering). But once I started painting, I haven’t been able to put down my brushes for long. I perused books and experimented with techniques to teach myself the essentials, and then to find my own voice as an artist. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of nature and the miracle of life, which drew me to painting landscapes and portraits. I am mesmerized by light and its power to illuminate the essential, and the water and its ability to mirror and reflect. I relish the challenge of making my pieces look as realistic as possible. I am happy in knowing that my art can be found in private collections across not just Ukraine, but also France, Germany, Poland, Turkey, China, Russia and the US. When I don’t paint, I love spending time with my wife and sons, fishing, and working in my orchard. If you need additional information, please call to my manager +380954549907 Dmytro Polishchuk (please look to the time in Ukraine). E-mail: supervacheron@gmail.com



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