Kristofer McDermott

Kristofer McDermott


Kris McDermott was born in Oklahoma on Altus air force base and moved to upstate NY at the age of 3 upon the completion of his fathers military service. His father was a carpenter in the air force, and became a well known craftsmen. Kris was acclimated to woodworking at an early age, spending countless hours helping his father build and remodel custom homes. Kris first discovered his obsession with drawing when a street artists drew the likeness of him and his mother at an amusement park when he was only 4 years old. When Kris asked for the same colored pencils the artist had used to create the drawing, his mother obliged, and ushered in what would be the focus of his attention for years to come. Kris experimented with various mediums, paints, and materials over the years, filling sketchbook after sketchbook with the wild characters of his imagination. By the time he was a teenager, he had discovered he could earn some extra money painting wall murals for his friends who liked the work in his sketchbooks. Next, he found he could do the same for friends looking to get a new tattoo. He began designing custom tattoos for a small fee. He developed a respect for airbrush and tattoo artists, and the technical skill required to master such a delicate form of art. This inspired him to begin airbrushing himself, seeking a more challenging frontier on his path through artistry. When he saved up enough extra money, he bought his first airbrush. The following months consisted of little more than refining his new found skillset. From there, he began airbrushing clothing, adding intricate airbrush techniques to his wall murals, and began exploring body art.

In March of 2014, Kris moved to South Florida to serve as the art director for Unity 88, a Florida based art and music venue. At Unity 88, Kris was finally focused on art full time. He began organizing art classes, art shows, and live art and music events. He became active in the art community, and quickly developed a fan base, and network of fellow artreprenuers. In recent years, Kris has continued organizing art-centric events (such as monthly art and music showcase Synesthesia) and hosts live performances all over South Florida. His dedication to inspiring creatives has encouraged him to share what he has learned about the art industry, and how they can become a working artist themselves. Kris has recently started a YouTube channel which teaches artists how to do everything from making canvases from scratch, to building an easel out of re-purposed wood.

Kristofer’s artistic style has been defined by the challenges he constantly imposes on himself. Kris enjoys mastering new forms of art, applying his own unique twist along the way. He is an accomplished body artist, wall muralist, and fine artist and has has dabbled in everything from wood burning, to custom furniture, to street art, and just about everything in between.