Kofi Nduro creates from recollection and imagination. His creations also spans from many masters diverse disciplines. Kofi's initial interest was in illustrative phenomena. He sees himself essentially as an African traditionalist who is deeply steeped in the lore of African art.​

Kofi's themes are picked from African forms, orphism, traditional symbols, womanhood and landscapes. Kofi’s style evolved over thirty six years of dedication, creation and an in-depth search for an identity in the world of art.

Kofi is even more influential as a mentor, teacher than as an artist. The result of this experience searching is apparent in the vibrant movement and every-day life of the African people. His desire for perfection can be detected through the combination of brush, knife and
fingers on virgin canvas as he applies the medium in which he works.

Kofi Nduro is widely collected in Africa, Australia, Europe and in the United States. Allow yourself to be enveloped in the fascinating world of Kofi Nduro.