Kitty is an artist who draws anything! Follow her on Instagram for any commissions and more art work! She is a 16- year old female who enjoys drawing and writing.

Twitter: @kittyrandomnez
Website: @officialrandomnez

Want me to draw you in my pop art style?

Send me a picture of the person (Yourself a friend or family for example):
- face must be visible
- Try not to have any part of hair or face cropped out

Payments: (just for digital copy)
1 person: 5 dollars
2 people: 15 dollars
3 people: 20 dollars
4 people: 30 dollars
5 people: 40 dollars
6 people: 50 dollars

( for each picture/ ex: if you send a picture of one person and another of a different person it would be 5 dollars for each, if there is two in the first and a separate picture with one, it will come out to 20 dollars )

If you want it on a canvas or a mug or a frame tell me!

Why the prices?:
Varies depending on the picture

How will it be paid?

Any questions or comments?
E-mail me
Or Instagram for faster reply

You can also check out my store for an idea on how it would turn out! Thank you!

Mythical creatures collection

Pop Art (celebrities)

More digital

Pop Art (friends and family)

“Color” Collection