Kirby Lewis, West Virginia Artist

Kirby Lewis, West Virginia Artist

Kirby is a self-taught artist that has been creating various art works for almost 50 years, starting when he was just 5 years old!

Proud to be a West Virginian, Kirby has traveled extensively to almost every state, except for Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana. He has traveled around the world during his stent in the U.S. Navy.

A Christian, Kirby draws from his belief in God, followed closely by family and country.

He considers himself a Conservative, which is an odd pairing for an artist, yet somehow he makes it work.

He lives in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle with his wife, MaryAnn with whom he has shared the past 26 years... "She is my best friend, and because of that we discuss my art. She gives me my inspiration", says Kirby.

A past life in Commercial Design and a period as a designer of cabinetry, furniture and lights, Kirby mainly focuses on Canvas work. "I prefer acrylics, but occasionally I dabble in other mediums," says Lewis. "I recently re-discovered pencils, pen and ink...and realize that the opportunities are endless."

Kirby's artwork is a vast mix of topics that range from Beach Scenes to Wildlife to Pizza Parodies.

Pizza Paradox Series