I am Kings, Creasey, l am a self taught Artist, never realising my Passion for drawing or in fact even drawing any thing other than stick men till feb 2019. My first 3 attempts end in the bin ,the pic l use as cover for my gallery my initial technic l learnt from listen and watching my brother as he explained how he created his awesome ink drawings in ink with any pens he could find.discovering how to put image in me vision on to paper is never ending , sometime going back to finish work l couldnt do months before hand is keeps me me motivated to keep pushing forward. Nearly all my work is in ink pens. I have thousands. I spent 45 year in and out off unskilled employment never knowing what l to be when grew up. Well l finely decided l am an Artist l love it. Its great to finally know. I hope you enjoy veiwing as much as I have making. Love to here feed back, feel free forward to me at... thanks for taking the time read my story


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