Kim Souza Artist

Kim Souza Artist

Interests : Logo Design, Digital Art, Fine illustration, animation and ad work.

Bio: Kim was born with the talent of her father. Asked to draw for Disney in his early twentys but turned it down to pin stripe cars, Kim has never had any formal art training but instead has studied and practiced various art forms. Entering art fairs, contests and shows, she was always in the top of her class. Doing the cover and much of the artwork for her high school yearbook one year. Also competing in a "TCOVE", poster contest and winning it. She has also done many custom paintings using acrylics. Portraits, murals and sign work are also in her resume. Recently doing some logo design and tattoo design as well. Has won and sold several Logo designs this year. A very versatile talent, Kim has advanced into doing digital painting and some animation as well!. Most recently an abstract piece that is really different from her usual works.

Software Tools : Adobe Illustrator CS6, Photoshop CS3, Corel Painter X3, Xara Designer Pro X9, Livebrush, Toon Boom Animate,


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