Kimi Yeh

Kimi Yeh

The artist, Kimi Yeh, was once a commercial celebrity and a clothing designer. It is hard to imagine that a woman with so many talents would devote her life to be an artist. Whenever she talks about fine art, she exudes a natural sense of sincerity.
This is the soul character of the Royal Art Gallery; a woman with great passions for life and fine art.

Her impressionism styled oil paintings present vast space for imagination and rich spectrum of emotions. Just like her own gallery, every one of her artwork express estheticism and reflects her own life. Her abundant experiences in life express through her boldness in creation produce a vibrant personal style. When observing her artworks, one can directly feel her passion and her delicate thought.

Royal Art Gallery was founded in 2006. Little by little, the gallery expanded and has served as an art dealer, exhibition venue, agent, classroom, and a part of planning and design in these three years. This could happen all because of Kimi Yeh’s passion towards oil paintings and sculptures.

Kimi Yeh wanted to make an effort to the art circle in Taiwan, creating a refined disposition that the art world here has long been neglected.

2006 Royal Art Space 01-05

2006 - 2007 Royal Art Space 01-10

Royal Art Space 01-10

Royal Art Space 11-20

2019 Royal Art Space 21-27

Royal Art Space Flowers 01-08

Charcoal KIMI YEH – "GLI OCCHI"01-30

Charcoal KIMI YEH – "GLI OCCHI"31-60

Charcoal KIMI YEH – "GLI OCCHI"61-90

Charcoal KIMI YEH –"GLI OCCHI"91-120

2006-2019 Royal Art Space Abstract

Royal Art Space Portraits