Kim Halley Studio

Kim Halley Studio

I have been drawing people since I was 8 years old, because there was nothing else to do as an only child, deaf in one ear, in a foreign country. By the time I was 9, I'd been dragged into the Prado Museum 100 times.

Around 1987, I started painting with acrylics. I painted life- sized portraits of my friends, determined to show strangers what they were really like, using only 2 complementary colors per canvas.

In 1989, I switched to oils, went back to Spain, and went to art school.

I am living in the shadows of deceased masters from my quiet world, trying to get it right and find my own self worth, in places that are only part Home. Daily, I cross my fingers for Mother nature and delight in capturing the character of individuals.

For 18 years, I took a break from the art world, and was a realtor in Chicago, and volunteered extensively in animal rescue. Now, I am painting full time, working on 3-4 bodies of work at once. In May of 2019 I came back to Milwaukee and opened my Studio/Gallery in The Marshall Building to be part of and add to the art culture.

Gallery events are now cancelled, as everyone suffers the effects of 'The New Normal'.
I have started a series called "Ferns & Vines", and am working on some commissions.

Chicago Street Scenes