Khozer Arts design

Khozer Arts design

•Khozer Art Design

Is a Young and promising artist, who strives for best on her Artwork.
I'm a young South African artist 🇿🇦

•About My Arts

My Artwork is in 3 different Art
° Drawings illustration and design
-House design
-Floor/Roof plan's
° Cardboard craft artwork
-Photo Frame design
° Design in wire fence
[Actually I deal with all architectural artwork including drawing]

I am a developing artist . I am looking a Support to anyone Who May assist,
I do need sponsorship, mentorship, guidance.
Someone Who have knowledge in Construction/architecture .. I'm willing to work with Computer CAD , but I haven't right now.

For more information :
Don't hesitate to contact me
+27 67 350 0079/+27 7 466 71847(WhatsApp)

Drawing illustration