Kendra Fleischman Fine Art

Kendra Fleischman Fine Art

“Movement and narrative are elements that I find very exciting and challenging to explore as an artist. My use of line, choice of colors and depiction of time are designed with the intent to transport viewers into a story or experience. I often combine traditional medias, such as sculpture and painting, with digital media and animation to create unique and playful works of art. My hope is that viewers will be uplifted through my work and perhaps reconnect with their inner child if only for a moment.”

Colorado native Kendra Fleischman began her art journey at Colorado State University where she earned a degree in sculpture and arts education in1987. Over the past 33 years she has worked as a professional artist, developing a body of work that is inspirational and innovative. Kendra is a diverse artist working in new media and traditional art forms; including stop motion animation, digital motion art, installation art, stone carving, ceramics and bronze sculpture.

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