Kendal Woodgate

Kendal Woodgate

I am a 18 year old that lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.
I love drawing both digitally enhanced as well as hand drawn images. I mostly will draw cartoons/anime but I may post some of my photography just to have a bit of difference in there for those who do not like cartoons.

But I also do requests for art that can be for all people. Like some kind of drawing or photo. I would draw/photograph it so that all people may have it not just for that specific person. ((All you have to do is email me at

Other than that I love doing my art based off of everyday events or sights that are common in everyday life. But there are times when I will express emotions or thoughts as well. It just depends on the kind of day. I plan on updating this regularly with art or photos.

That's all for me, Bye~~~

Digital Art