Kelly Marie Davidson

Kelly Marie Davidson

I am a freelance artist based in County Durham (UK).
I studied textiles BTEC Advanced Level (GNVQ) at Hartlepool College of Art and Design from 1998 to 2000 but did not find my true calling or love of fine art until 2004, when I got my first easel and oil paints from my parents at Christmas. Since then I have created hundreds of paintings and my output continues at a steady rate.

My aim is to create pieces of art that will capture your imagination, stand out, and are unique. As an artist, you have an opportunity to reach out to someone through your work. I always believed that art is a very personal statement about myself; when I create a painting, it tells the world a little bit about me - and sometimes they relate. I often incorporate mimes in my work because they speak to people without needing a voice. As art also is a voiceless storyteller, mimes are the perfect silent messenger.

I have a wide variety of styles that I like to switch between. This gives my customers, fans, and myself a variety of artwork to enjoy and choose from - everyone is different and that's what makes us special and individual.

I have perfected my skills and developed a good eye for detail with a distinctive and professional style. I have sold work both nationally and internationally, featured twice on the cover of Orbis magazine, and displayed work at the botanical gardens in Durham, UK.


Flaming Dragons