Kazuaki Senno

Kazuaki Senno


Kazuaki is a self-taught artist born in 1978, in Nagasaki, Japan. He currently lives in Bali, Indonesia and began his artistic journey on this island only 2 years ago during the pandemic. Between his first drawing and his latest work is hours of dedication, and he continues exploring different techniques, from drawing with pencil and charcoal to oil paintings and a combination of the two, mixing analogue and digital.
Kazu is an intuitive portrait painter with a curiosity for alternate ways of expression. His works don’t represent particular people, it is about emotions and feelings rather than copying an already existing appearance. He creates in the moment and lets the artwork in front of him develop itself. Most of his inspiration comes from people around him whose feelings he matches with his own sensitivity.

Kazu: “The work in front of me has a certain power which I only get to know once I start drawing the first line and a first shadow. My own emotions lead the creation in a particular way. The same work will look different on another day, depending on my sentiment. I use shadowing to describe my emotions. By putting my feelings on paper, and putting them out there, instead of hiding them inside, my mental health benefits too.”

Digital art lets Kazuaki Senno express himself in a fast and clear way, immediately catching the momentum. His works sometimes offer a colour chart and other times are created in black and white. He improvises and learns, just like in his previous passion as a chef. The transition from master chef to (digital) artist comes naturally to him.