Katie Jardas Watercolors

Katie Jardas Watercolors


I'm a creative and fun mother of 2 girls who color my world!! I have loved art and expressing myself through art and want to share my gift with others. I love to do calligraphy and paint, and I have started sketching which has really improved my water colors.

I love to paint with the company of my youngest daughter who brings laughter and light to my work. Both of my daughters share my joy of creating and bringing colors to life. My oldest gets the same look on her face as I do when she is working on a project and she has the same determination as I do to get it perfect!!

I have a dream of having a booth at local art and craft fairs around my area, and my ultimate dream is to get chosen to have a booth at our Annual Art Fair on the Square, which takes place every July here in Madison, WI. In order to get a booth you must apply and get approved by the panel of judges, so this is where I start my journey.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop, and for checking out my paintings. May your day be filled with color and happiness!!