Karma Jai

Karma Jai


Well hello everyone my name is Karma Jai. I've been doing art since I was 6. It started off just as something I did to escape reality & let my mind just flow through my fingertips into my pencils, crayons, & pens & onto my notebooks.. You know, dibbling & dabbling. But there I was in the 3rd grade being able to draw a realistic newborn baby just from looking at a book cover in the library at school. I notice myself getting better at it as I grew. And I got so many compliments from family & friends. They inspired me to keep going. Now I have people, friends, & family asking to get an portrait piece made from me because of the amazing job I did on portraits of a few family members of mine. I like to explore new things when it comes to drawing. And my most favorite type of art method is realism. I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls. One of my girls are more special then most kids because she has a seizure disorder known as malignant syndrome. She's in & out the hospital almost every other week or month due to different types of pneumonias, high temps, sometimes her seizures are so intense, it really breaks my heart to see my oldest go thru those horrible things. Not a very pleasant thing to see your first child go through.. but she's also the reason Im doing this. Anything that's being made on this website from my art work is going towards her & her disorder. I want her to live her best life not having to think about how she's not like everyone else or how she can't walk or talk or do for herself like most of the other kids, or any of it for that matter. I just want her to be happy in her skin. Spoiling my kids & giving them what best for them, & watching them grow is the best part of motherhood. They are my world & I want them to be able to have the world one day. So if anyone is willing to help out with donating to her please feel free to order any of my at work that interests you most.


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