Karen Smith Mangold

Karen Smith Mangold


I was raised in a ranching family with an appreciation for all things natural so I continue to honor those ideals with western and wildlife being the focus of my art. I chose oil painting as my medium because of it’s richness and color vibrancy. I feel like my talent is a gift that was given to me, and I'm so happy to have been able to express it and share it with others.
My commercial art career was the priority for many years as our two sons were growing up. Some years I would pursue my fine art career (participating in national shows, membership in a local professional artist group, art gallery representation of my work, and even teaching sculpture and oil painting workshops) but other priorities would move in and my art career would take a back seat.
Now that we’ve finished raising children, I’ve been able to concentrate on my art again. I was born in Texas and still live here in the Hill Country south of Bandera with my husband, Mike on his family's cattle ranch.

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