Karen Smith Mangold

Karen Smith Mangold


I was raised in a ranching family from west Texas with an appreciation for all things natural so I continue to honor those ideals with western and wildlife being the focus of my art. I chose oil painting as my medium because of it’s richness and color vibrancy. Although I also sculpt, I’ve decided to focus solely on oil painting. In the past, I’ve let my excitement about other art mediums lead me away from concentrating on my art career. I’ve also found that I really enjoy exploring all forms of light in my painting, which can transform a two dimensional substrate into a three dimensional experience.

Some of my past art instructors include:
Fritz White, Grant Speed, Herb Mignery-Sculpture
Gary Carter, Jay Hester, Bruce Greene, Martin Greeley, Loren Entz, Charlotte Curry-Oil Painting
I also benefited from many painting and sculpting workshops at the Cowboy Artists of America Museum when it was headquartered in Kerrville, Texas.
A list of some past juried art shows:
Phippen Museum Art Show - Prescott, Arizona
Mountain Oyster Show - Tucson, Arizona
J.R. Mooney Art Gallery - San Antonio, Texas
Museum of Western Art (2018 Fall Show) - Kerrville, Texas

Past art gallery representation:
Woodstone Gallery at the Inn - Kerrville, Texas
Carriage House Art Gallery - Boerne, Texas
Rivers Edge Gallery - Kerrville, Texas

Horns and Thorns

Gallery / Animal Paintings

Photography / Farm-Ranch Animals

Photography / Wildlife

Photography of Prickly Pear Cactus