Kaori IllO

Kaori IllO


Born in Tokyo, grown up in London, Jakarta and Tokyo.

The bases of drawing and painting was what I somehow knew in my mind from first.

Never have been taught by anybody so.

Though yes, had a little advice from artists and art dealer sometimes in last.

Catching peoples desires, pride, wills, inconsistency,
was my custom as was weak myself in before.

Having unnecessary high sensitivity,
made me feel the throbbing of the cells in every entire things therefore.

In combining with the knowledge of the legends, the myths, and the sciences,
I've read and learned long and deep from my youth,

I shall be on and on with my work of my unmentionable sense,
over healing with joy and weirdness into you as mystery juice.

Flower spirit


Colour Dots


book covers

Humanistic(in ink)