Kaori Ochiai

Kaori Ochiai


I was born in Tokyo Japan and grew up in London England and Jakarta Indonesia too.
I liked drawing from my little ages. I first used to draw in water colours or coloured pencils. I started oil paintings at my high school class and continued to draw it at my university club and farther more.
As for myself, I had always been struggling with bad and nasty emotions in my youth, in spite of figuring to be odd from others any time, any where I was brought to. I just hitted them with brush and paints to the canvas to help myself from getting dammed. Though in these 6 years, I tried to stop keeping myself in such black misery and face myself straight to the world in those people who are enjoying it, and this I think made the changes of my paintings to a bright colours. Being over 30, I am living myself again and are to draw people or it's elements of body or spirits, to show what they are like or to light their pass of life, together with writing stories for so far so on.



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