Greetings and Good Vibes. I love painting and creating amazing things even if they are simple things. I love putting a smile on peoples faces and having them enjoy what I do. I am into cosplay and anime. I am a University Student at Ashford University. I'm going for my Bachelor's of Arts in Social and Criminal Justice. I have a huge imagination that I love to put on paper or canvas. I am Divorced with no children. I am in a Poly Relationship which has its moments like every other relationships do. But we manage because we talk to one another. I free draw/paint everything. I find that free drawing or painting or sculpturing makes the item unique and different.

A saying goes when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what if life gives you an apple, then what do you make.

The answer is simple. It's friends. No matter how many times you cut it you can create a new friend with every new slice. Unless you don't share it.

People are forgetting that true friends well always have your back.

Friends are only loyal if your loyal in return.