Kelly Smith Cassidy Fine Art

Kelly Smith Cassidy Fine Art

Kelly Smith Cassidy was born to professional fine artists and gallery owners, Richard and Blanca Smith in Scottsdale, AZ in 1979. In 1996, Kelly decided that she wasn't so much into high school and would much rather be in college. So, she received her GED and went directly into college full-time studying first to be an architect. In order to fund her college degree, Kelly decided to create sculptures using the same welding technique as her parents. She marched right out to her parents studio and asked to have her first lesson in creating the art work. But this was not the first time Kelly had used a torch. When Kelly was just 8 years old, her dad saw in her an entrepreneurial spirit and taught her how to make "gold nuggets" of pure bronze to sell. With her father carefully holding the torch behind her, Kelly first learned the power and magic of creating art from molten metal. She sold these "nuggets" along side her parents booth in the late '80's further fueling her enterprising and creative spirit.
Kelly sold her first art piece, a 15" long "Tree Branch" in 1997 when she was 17 years old in Scottsdale, AZ. From here on, she was hooked on creating and selling. She found it empowering to be creating something directly from her heart, mind and hands. Kelly switched her degree from Architecture to a B.S. in Business Marketing and Management through ASU West and the University of Phoenix with the intent on helping other visual and performing artists how to create a thriving creative business and market themselves. No more the age of the "starving artist", Kelly has helped many artists pursue their dreams of becoming successful and sustaining artists. Kelly's specialty has been in marketing fine art on the web through various resources such as commerce sites for creative work, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other outlets everyday.

Kelly's work always roots back to her love for nature and metaphor. Her natural works of metal symbolize her love of the natural world and especially for the trees. Having moved to her childhood summer home of Lake Tahoe, Kelly now gathers inspiration from the aspens, oaks, pines and wildlife that surrounds her.

Kelly specializes in creating SITE-SPECIFIC artwork for the wall. With the ability to envision a piece of art for a person's wall through the web and by use of Photoshop imaging. Simply send a photo of your wall where you would like to see a piece, and Kelly will Photoshop an image for you!

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