KP Reynolds Art

KP Reynolds Art

From Creating herself to supporting creative endeavors the act of creating has always been a integral part of Kathy Preher Reynolds life. Her passion for creating has led Kathy down many roads. Allowing her to experience the magic of the human experience through theatre, photography and now painting. Born in Louisville, KY, Kathy was constantly curious about the world around her. This brought a profound need and fascination in understanding what shapes us. While exploring this fascination through theatre Kathy began to paint to relieve stress. It was through these moments that she found the spark to explore visual art. However, it wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that she gave herself the opportunity to truly explore her love of painting. With her industry, entertainment arts, shut down she found she had the time to truly embrace the journey. It was the transformation she experienced through the Fine Art Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute that inspired her to continue her journey in the world of art.

Inspired by her past and present experiences of growth, Kathy continually explores the question of how to cultivate an enchanted life through love and joy. She strives to create a wonder and curiosity about how uplifting experiences can impact our daily interactions. Beginning with mark making and abstracting these experiences so that the viewer can imagine they are the subject in the painting.

When not painting in her studio, Kathy enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 boys while marveling at the love and joy their experiences bring.

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