Kyle Keillor Art

Kyle Keillor Art

Welcome to my Art Store!
***(Currently transferring content to my website. Please visit my Art Store on my website, soon that will be the only place to buy my art. I currently have 2 series (Walkabout and Watcher/Angel) for sale here, but they will soon only be available on my website if you come back in search of them.)

Thank you for looking at my Gallery and supporting my work!

My website can be visited at this address, just copy and paste into your browser:

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You can also find me on instagram:


All Original pieces of art are priced as they are, framing can be applied for an additional fee. (Some art is already framed and that is included in the current price).

Walkabout Series

Watcher Series

Digital Paintings

V Series


Ink Drawings


Living with Chronic Pain