KFox Art

KFox Art


I invite you to wander into my paintings and breathe the air of the North Shore. Smell the pine needles in sunshine, hear the waves of the Great Superior, delight in fields of lupines, feel secure in the geologic time of ancient rocks and the skies that reveal what has been and what will come. Maybe you haven't been exactly to the spot in my painting, but still you are there. You've seen it before. You remember. You are called back to this special place. That, to me, is what I want my landscape art to be about - an invitation to return, to remember, to leave a legacy of this place.

Whether painting outdoors or in the studio, I begin with transparent color, searching for composition, abstract shape, shadow, light, and inspiration. Transparent color allows me to see deeply into my subject and creates a roadmap. Then comes the opaque colors into which I can't see - either because the bounce of light is too intense, the shadows too deep or the structure too dense. Finally, I go to the questions - Warm or cool? Where is the soul that moved me to paint this subject? How much can I remove and still tell the story? Can the viewer wander within the space I’ve created? As the answers play themselves out by my brush on canvas, I finally must stop. No painting is ever done. I just stop so I can begin again!