Art n Light

Art n Light

Lipan work is an ancient mural art of Gujarat and Rajasthan. This work was done to decorate the walls of the huts.
The material to do this work was cow - dung, horse - dung, clay etc. But now the material has been modified according to the convenience and availability. It is also known as mud work. This work is very popular amongst interior designers and architectures as it gives a very ethnic and an exclusive look. Lipan work is a mud and mirror art work that had originated in Kutch. This traditional art is done on the inside walls of huts called bhungdas. Lipan art does not have only decorative values but also helps in controlling the temperature within the huts as the clay is an insulation against heat and the mirror work-reflects light.

Lipan work usually is done on the wall, but it is not possible today. I am trying to do this work on wooden blocks. now the material has been modified according to the convience and availiblity. So this ethnic art work can reach all over the world .

Size - 24 " x 24" without framed. 26" x 26" with framed.

The work is framed in a solid wood white painted professional frame which compliments the painting. The work is ready to hang. You can hang this work two ways. Look the picture please.

Color - Red brick, Ivory and white.

Materials - Wooden block, Paint, Paint Texturizer, and Rhinestone

Shape - Square

A free gift with every order . ( My choice)

I make my items in a non-smoking environment. Please contact me with any questions for custom orders or concerns. I will be happy to address the situation!

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