Justice Lamb

Justice Lamb


My name is Justice, I am a writer, a musician and an artist. I collect old books, records, razor blades and cars. I have been told I am an artist my entire life, but had not discovered the direction I wanted to push my work to until the age of 19. In my junior of highschool, I produced a piece called "Allen" it was a large piece that was critiqued by my peers and was seen by myself, and others as my breakout point, where I really discovered what I liked too do as an artist. "Allen" was a large portrait, done in charcoal with empty eye socket and a bird painted in acrylic perched upon his shoulder, with its beaks taped shut. This was a piece that many found interwat in, including myself.

"Allen" hangs in the living room if my Grandmother's house.

Since that time, I have mostly focused on (and produced many) abstract portraiture in the last few years, those pieces I have not featured yet. The pieces I have up on the site so far were mostly from my highschool years in my International Baccalaureate art class where I was playing with some different mediums, and trying to route where I wanted my work to progress from there.

Thank you for visiting, I will be featuring some of my favorite pieces very soon! -Justice, 4/5/2020