I was born and raised in Shanghai, China and came to the United States in my 20s. Currently, I happily live in the beautiful San Francisco bay area. Having been in China and US for around 20 years each, I am always amazed by how different eastern and western cultures are, however they reach a good point when delivering the beauty of life. I found something fun between traditional Chinese brush painting and western watercolor.

I started painting in my early childhood years by practicing traditional Chinese brush painting. I was particularly fascinated about a technique called Gong Bi, known for its highly detailed brushstrokes, as well as drawing female characters and clothing inspired by traditional Chinese novels during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, such as Dream of the Red Chamber etc. In my middle 20s, I was very lucky to be accepted by a graduate art program in Shanghai. During that time I was first exposed to western art and fell in love with watercolor instantly. It interested me how eastern and western water-based fine art delivered its own beauty through methods of surfaces and lines. Since then, I found another way of expressing life: watercolor with a Chinese brush painting touch. I’ve tried it with different subjects, including fashion paintings, landscapes and contemporary watercolor. I love it and I hope you can enjoy it as well.

Thank you for your visit!

Peace. Shanghai Sub. 2016