Just Lupita aka Yaqui Yaiyai

Just Lupita aka Yaqui Yaiyai


My name is Lupita, “Just Lupita” as my mother told my father when she gave me a name. He wanted to add a lot of other names, that’s when she said, “Lupita, just Lupita”! Yet my brothers and sister gave me a nickname, Yaiyai, and being that we are a part Yaqui, I changed my YouTube name to Yaqui Yaiyai.
I have lived on the island of Kauai for most of my life, painting, surfing, and raising a family. Actually my full name is Lupita Dybbro Poppler. Throughout the years I painted just about everything from canvas to ceramics to dresses, t-shirts and hats to surfboards. My husband Peter Poppler, makes surfboards, so I have painted many of his surfboards. I like to surf and in our summers I love to swim with our wild spinner dolphins when they come to visit.
The past few years I have been developing with my husband’s help, the EnerQi devices that we make together. These are originals, each one being handmade and unique in the different crystal combinations that I use.
I also have put a few trucker hats that I hand paint, maybe I will add t-shirts. These are hand painted not printed, so each is an original. I would send them out personally.
I am putting my many paintings on this site for anyone to order as a print on canvas. I hope you will enjoy our work. Thank you, from Lupita

For show

Hand painted original trucker hats

EnerChi devices