Just Funda

Just Funda


Born and raised in the Netherlands as Funda Saydam, one of an identical twin and of Turkish decent

All my life art, in the widest word, moved me. My first art form practice was dance and play (stage). All intertwined. In later years which was my teenage years, I made things with my hands. Foremost with acrylic paint on objects rather than on canvas. When I say objects I don't mean the obvious objects. In the meanwhile I still practiced these other art forms such as dance and acting. Nevertheless I managed to earn some money with dance by performing and giving workshops. Later on I got mediocre chances in the acting field. Which is hard for me to pursue hence my ethnic background. The ask and demand therein. In those years I kept creating work with my hands but never knew what to do with it. I ended up giving them away or threw them straight into the container. And God knows where the works I gave away may have end up in all those years.

Far later in life I started painting again. This time on canvas. I tried the obvious but not moved with the style I applied. It took me somewhat years to work with newspaper (or any paper), wallpaper glue and rubber glue. Working with newspaper stems back from my childhood where I used to make face masks at shool. I have never forgotten this technique. It's basically sculpting. I apply this now on canvas. This became my personal style.

I can work conceptual or simply create by not focusing on a concept. I can work from inspirations alone. I do whatever tickles my fancy and what challenges me.
I can work with bright and somber colors or even with antique postcards.

Till this day I have never won an award but as of now I use the online world to exhibit my work.

Welcome to my world!

(Just Funda)

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