Juliet Hall ART

Juliet Hall ART


The world is filled with so much to celebrate and so much vitality, even amidst its fragility. I am inspired by the rhythms and energy of the places I have travelled - or long to travel - as well as people I have met who have the gift to inspire happiness, optimism, and hope.

With the use of bright colours and fluid strokes, I strive to create uplifting artwork that is songful and strong and conveys a feeling of positivity and calm.

I am a self-taught artist and started painting when I was young, developing art foundations in my early studies and again in more recent years through study and coursework. In reactivating my painting passion in my adult life, I found that creating art provided a personal rejuvenation and a much sought after source of vitality and joy.

London-based, American-born, Global-citizen. I sell my artwork at craft fairs, online and direct to collectors via word of mouth.

My hope is that through art people find a moment to take a pause from the chaos and pressure of life, and revel in the moment.