Jules Smith

Jules Smith


Everywhere I go I see moments in time, light sparkling through the trees, shadows
and color in small scenes and objects inspiring me to create.Van Gogh and all the impressionists influence me although my first art instructorslikened my work to Rene Magritte. I love the simple and well-intended brush stokes andsuggested forms that illustrate a gesture, or likeness that captures the soul of a person orplace.I was labeled an artist far back as I can remember yet failed to continue formaltraining after my first years at college decades ago. Career evolution took me from working
as intern at a weekly artsy newspaper in North Marin County, California, to pen and inkillustration and layout and design at an advertising agency in St. Thomas, USVI. I love totravel and the islands, the ocean, mountains and the simple life have a grip on my heart.
I continued to follow the flow into advertising design and some illustration when I
moved back to California, and then on to Kauai where I had my own agency and designedfor the local newspapers. Somewhere during these years I was a dedicated ballet and jazzdancer in a local company, and outrigger canoe racer. This is when I began writing for thenewspapers on the island. Eventually I migrated back to California to more advertising design and sales, photography and journalism. I founded my first weekly small town newspaper when my first child, my daughter Daisha, turned four. After five years the islands called and I traveled to Puerto Rico and live there to this day. I got away from thehectic newspaper world and raised three adorable children with the youngest enteringcollege three years ago.

For years I have been drawn to be more accountable to the gifts our creator has
given me. For this reason I went back to Art School at RMCAD. Whether drawing,
painting, sketching or writing, I believe when it is all said and done I will have to have an account of what I used my gifts for. As When I studied at RMCAD I was motivated everyday by light and shadow, texture and form,beauty and injustice.

I desire that my art would cause me to pause and experience then share a moment,
or sometimes juxtapose an object with another in space and value to create an awareness of something that should be noticed or thought about. I see Art as a window to the world,to our hearts, goals, dreams, failures and victories and have often painted windows in my paintings. The paintings are as apertures to the soul.
I have struggled with the importance and worthiness of art as a profession and have
been awakened to see that there is value in this vocation. Art is is not about skillfully
creating pretty pictures that people can admire on a wall. Noble and humbling is the life I long for as an Artist who is not afraid to delve and grow and encourage others to do the same.

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