J. Roberts


I like contemporary grimoiric artwork. This theme is interesting to me
because I find Artistic value in 15th-17th century illustrations, particularly in regard to the occult. These archaic illustrations show an example of how over time, entities that were once considered by people to be "God" by their followers have now become (are depicted as) demons. In example ; Baal was a "supreme god worshiped in ancient Canaan and Phoenicia." Whereas today he is depicted as a demonic entity.

The Lesser Key of Solomon, otherwise known as Clavicula Salomonis Regis, or Lemegeton was the first in a series of mid 17th century grimoires divided into 5 books. The Ars Goetia depicts the seventy two Demons in black and white line and dot style art common to that era.

I became interested in this type of art when I was looking for a unique tattooing style. Once I started incorporating these ideas with neo-traditional tattoo art, I created a mixture that spoke to me, so I stuck with it. Since then, I have done my research into where the art came from and why it came about. ( My favorite illustrations by Louis Breton from Jacques Auguste Simon Collin De Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal. France, 1818 ) I think it makes for an interesting theme.

Personally, I am not religious, but I am really fascinated with these texts and images because they are rich in culture and metaphor.

Aleister Crowley regarded the study of demonology as "the first form of psychology" in that each demon represented a part of the human mind. It was believed that through evocation and invocation of these entities, you drew focus to the downfalls of your human psyche.

By separating yourself from the negative aspects of your human nature and applying a name to said aspect, you could then isolate and eliminate that weakness in yourself. What an amazing ideology, in my opinion. It definitely makes for some interesting artwork.

I am always trying new techniques on different mediums. I love to find unusual color combinations or incorporate odd, abstract ideas. Creepy things inspire me. I love to create line drawings and renderings of demonic creatures based on grimoiric lore as well as digital artwork. Thank you for your interest! 93.

2016 Gallery

Black and white