Hi! I'm Joe! My apologies, I came on a bit too strong there. Starting out with two exclamation points is ridiculous. I think we can all agree on that. But I'm excited to tell you about my artwork!

I have a BA in studio arts from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I also studied at Creighton University and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

When we listen to music we mostly listen for a feeling. But what are those patterns of organized sound waves that touch us so deeply that we make them a part of us? Are they a message? Maybe, but different types of music and our reactions to it absolutely do create neuro pathways in our minds and become a part of our habits and our perspective of those habits. Thus our identity.

I think it's important to like things. It's also easy to like things. It often happens naturally and unconsciously. That's why it's important to arbitrarily dislike things. "If you love her let her go." By doing this we devolop a more conscious personality and the things we love we love more strongly and we love them with reason, purpose and full confidence.

With that in mind while I paint I'm able to work toward a final image of complexity, confidence and peace.

Contact info:
308 440 6072
Instagram: @joejoejijoe

Joe McHale

Yes They Do!