Visionary Skies

Visionary Skies

Josue grew up as a young comic concept artist. He's also a classical/ jazz Saxophone soloist. During both undergraduate and graduate college years spanning 7 years, he studied Mathematics-emphasis in Aerospace Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design and Film Design. Traveling has always been a must to understand different Styles. He's always exploring other countries or other "Beautiful Worlds" as he likes to call them through people's eyes!

Josue's Studio is a collection of tools used as a Storytelling Art Director & Fine Art Painter to serve different levels of production whether Digital or Physical commission projects for Museums/ Art Galleries.

Keep Rising,

New York City 2018

Bernkastel-Kues 2017 Commission

San Francisco 2017 Commission

Vienna 2017 Commission

Bratislava 2017 Commission

Budapest 2017 Commission

Munich 2017 Commission

Amsterdam 2017 Commission

Frankfurt 2016 Commission

London 2016 Commission

France 2016 Commission

Berlin 2015 Commission

New York 2015 Commission

South Korean 2015 Commission