Jon Planas' Fat Cats and many other things

Jon Planas' Fat Cats and many other things

Jon Planas Fine.Art
presents the new Virtual Surrealist Artworks
Los Angeles based artist, Jon Planas

Hello and welcome to my humble contribution to this great website!

My name is Jon Planas and give me the opportunity to take you into my imagination where my unique voice as a fine artist is represented by images that open up a wide spectrum of ideas. I will take you into a world of.fantasy,mythology mixed with my own blend of color that will forever change the way you look at art. Promise you !
Precise manipulations from well rounded array of digital editors coupled with very own drawings and photography is the magical mix that allows me to create art that is truly out of this world.
I was trained in classical and modern painting styles such as cubism and impressionism and recently venturing into other unexpected surfaces of artistic self expression like 3 dimensional billboards , hand painted glass bottles and found objects my body of work has been impact-full in an international level by it's vibrancy of colors and large size.My painted billboard and my acclaim for my work by celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio,James Franco,Madonna and Cher who are all avid art collectors
.Creating a spectacular sixty by forty foot art billboard sponsored by the.Absolut Company on Sunset Blvd . It became a landmark meeting place my design named Absolut City ,was a life changing experience, followed after was a collection of 2250 one of a kind hand painted Absolut Vodka bottles that took 3 years to complete.Every single last one was in fact sold thru galleries in Las Vegas, New York City and Chicago. Presently after a freak fire destroyed collection and almost claimed my life, I found that my own cell phone and some digital apps would become the next tool for my current expression in digital photography. Teaching myself thru instinctual methods, I applied my ideas that strange and yet exciting images ,I kicked the traditional studio painting techniques out the window and finding an array of digital tools I began to quench my thirst as an artist for better ways to express myself.
If Picasso was reincarnated today I am convinced he would be a computer geek developing incredible digital art programs. I don not fit into a certain art style like Pop Art or Surrealism,on the other hand my work reflects both of the characteristics of these admired styles.Coining the term Virtual Surrealism I am about to revolutionize the art world.
Please take a close look at my work you may find that it can take you into a magical world of its own.
Thanks for reading my bio
Jon Planas
Los Angeles, 2019

Virtual Surreal