Jonathan Brice Lyman

Jonathan Brice Lyman


Jonathan Brice Lyman was born with a natural talent for drawing from life. In 2010, he earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Art at the Kansas City Art institute, but soon fell into the cliché role of the starving artist, believing he lacked any real motivation to pursue a career in the arts.

For nine years, Lyman worked in restaurants, occasionally receiving commission requests. He struggled to make personal work because he spent most of his time searching for deeper purpose to explain why he should make art in the first place.

In the Spring of 2019, while surfing the internet, he came across a man named Marshal Vian Summers who received a revelation called a New Message from God. This gave Lyman a source of knowledge that fulfills his life-long quest for meaning and direction.

He now lives in Kansas City where he creates narrative drawings and paintings inspired by his new connection with God.


I'm an art sorcerer. I use my natural talent of realism to show what the world would look like as a more heavenly place.

Motivated by the challenge we face in creating sustainable dwellings and expressing love and beauty in our environment, I attempt to express the permanent qualities of spirit through the temporary nature of form. This imbues my work with a mysterious quality that ceaselessly pulls at me.

Pencil and ink drawings or painting with oil on canvas are my preferred mediums. Both of these allow me to render images with precision, while evoking the grit and vulnerability of our existence.

Illustrating the Steps to Knowledge