Art by Joanna DeRitis

Art by Joanna DeRitis

I started painting as a hobby approximately 10 years ago. Because of the cost involved and due to having a full time supervising job outside of the art field I only recently got into selling paintings. I started bringing paintings to decorate my office at work and my co workers noticed them and wanted to know if I sold paintings.

One thing led to another and since February of this year I sold 60 paintings.

Most of the paintings I sold were from people requesting paintings such as winter scenes, sunsets, fall landscapes etc. I had one buyer who owns a rental property order 25 paintings and that was only after seeing a few of my pieces. Most everyone that ordered a painting has bought at least 3 or 4 after receiving their initial painting.

My passion for painting comes from loving color and creating something that brings joy to people.

In addition to the paintings listed on this website I also take requests for paintings, my medium of choice is acrylic on canvas. My prices are based on the complexity of the painting and the size of the canvas.

I love to paint and more importantly I love to make people happy and so far I am pleased that everyone who has received a painting have been extremely happy with the results.

For anyone interested in personalized paintings or any paintings on this website please email me at

Hoping to paint for you in the future Joanna DeRitis

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