John Trowsdale

John Trowsdale

I live on the edge of the beautiful Peak District in the north of England.
Art was always a subject I was strong at in my early education, but at that time, I never felt I was good enough to paint for a living.
So went into the printing industry after leaving school, working with colour matching and mixing ink was all part of my life for over 40 years, which is serving me well in my paintings now.

It wasn't until I was a husband and father of two,and in my 30s, that I picked up a paintbrush and started creating pieces of work in my kitchen at home in watercolour, while still printing for a living.

Now I'm semi-retired at 59, the kids have left home, and I have a room to call my studio. I’d love to see where my art will take me over the next few years, but I'm determined to improve my style with every painting.

Most of my paintings start with an acrylic blocking in, before the rest of the work is done in oil. I prefer to paint on board/panel which holds the detail I love to put in.

I'm hoping you find my work appealing enough to put on show, and get as much pleasure from it as I did in the many hours creating it.