Joseph Mintz Art

Joseph Mintz Art

Largely retired from a lifetime in the graphic arts field, in which I have done practically everything including graphic design, Illustration, type and font design,
photo and reproduction camera work, etc., I am now able to do the kind of work that I like.

Although I did not grow up on a farm, we lived in a rural area and I loved it. I worked on farms and dairies in summers making many lifelong friends. I always had a dog as a companion and we usually had some kind of a horse that I could ride. And I loved riding with my buddies.

I have the greatest wife in the world and we were blessed with three wonderful children. We lost our daughter to cancer a few years ago. But we have two adult sons and three grandsons that continually bring us joy and pride.

These are the things that inspire the art that I try to do.

Old Gray Barn